The hallmark of Children’s Ministry at Samaritans Hill church is that we study the Word of God in it’s truth and purity.

At Samaritans Hill church we offer:

Nursery for infants through 3 years old.
Sunday school classes for ages 4-11.
Confirmation classes with Pastor Ken starting in 6th grade.
Opportunities for kids of Confirmation age to participate in weekly worship through tech support and leading worship.

We are kicking off the Sunday school portion of our ministry on Sunday, September 17th.


The children in the Upper Classroom will begin by studying this unit which is designed to help children understand that they are loved and valued by God just as they are. Through lessons on repentance, inheritance, and living a life that reflects their faith, the curriculum seeks to instill in children a sense of confidence in their relationship with God and encourage them to live a life that honors Him. The overarching message is that as God’s chosen children, they are enough and have a unique purpose in God’s kingdom.

In the months to come at Samaritans Hill Sunday school the Upper Classroom children will study the Holy Spirit in a Unit called “The Holy Spirit and Me” and learn about “Finding Faith”. These lessons will take us through fall right up to Advent beginning this year on the 26th of November.

The children in the Primary classroom will begin their Sunday school lessons this year with the story of Creation and “God Made Me”. Because God created this whole world and created people in His image we are CHOSEN CHILDREN.
Primary Classrooms continue with lessons from the Old Testament including Noah’s Ark, The Tower of Babel, Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebekah which also lead us right up to Advent.

We have two classrooms for Sunday school. Children in grades 2-5 meet together in the Upper Classroom. Children aged 4 to first graders meet together in the Primary Classroom.

Children younger than four are welcome to play in the staffed nursery room during the worship hour.

Come and join us on Sunday mornings at 10:00AM for Worship leading into the Sunday school time beginning at 10:30.

Sandi Lowe