Welcome to our children's ministry!

TREMENDOUS FAITH: GROWING IN GOD’S WORD is the theme for Samaritans Hill Sunday school for 2021-2020.

Sunday school at Samaritans Hill kicked off on Sunday, September 12 and we were so pleased, and thankful to our gracious Lord as well, that ten children attended our first Sunday school classes that day.

At Samaritans Hill Sunday school this year classroom 1 welcomes children ages four through seven. Their teacher is Mrs. Sandi Lowe who is also our Sunday school Director. Classroom 2 welcomes children ages eight through ten and their teacher is Mrs. Monica Johnson assisted by Mr. Mike Nichols. The children in this classroom received Student Study Bibles in the worship service on September 19th to be used at Sunday school to learn the truth of God’s word first hand from their very own Bible.

We give our fervent thanks to Mr. Randy Lowe for teaching a class of older children the past two years. Those children have now moved on to prepare for confirmation and attend a class weekly via Zoom with Pastor Ken.

In our Sunday school lessons this year we are beginning at the beginning: The Creation Story. Our Sunday school lessons will always be based on solid Biblical truth and the Creation Story is certainly an appropriate place to begin. Our children enjoyed learning about all seven days of Creation and the works the Lord performed on those days to create all the beautiful, astounding world we see around us.

The children in classroom 1 used their artistic talents to illustrate the “Work of God’s hand” creating chalk drawings on the sidewalk in front of church.

In the coming weeks we will teach/learn about the Creation of men and women and the Fall into sin.

Thank you for supporting our teachers and students with your prayers and by also taking an interest when you see their work in the hallways or in the sanctuary after service.

If you or anyone you know is looking for a Sunday School program that teaches the Word of God in its truth and purity please check out Samaritans Hill Sunday school. We may not have all the bells and whistles that some large programs have but we have small groups, wonderful teachers and the truth of God’s Word every Sunday.

To God Be The Glory!

Note: Our nursery is normally available for children age 3 and under, but is currently closed due to COVID-19.