Welcome to our children's ministry!

It is the 10th anniversary of Sunday school for Samaritan’s Hill Church. Samaritan’s have been teaching the word God in it’s truth and purity to God’s precious little ones for 10 years now!

We give our heartfelt praise and thank you’s to all the women and men who dedicated time and talents to the teaching of our children over the past ten years. Thank you for laying a foundation of beliefs and faith and the love of God to children of many ages. Your work has not been forgotten or gone unnoticed. Thank you! God bless you!

Sunday school Kick-off Sunday is September 18th. Worship on that Sunday will include the ever popular Whole Church Sunday school. Children and adults will gather together to study the lesson “God is the Potter and I Am the Clay”. This is the theme for Sunday school this year.

The first actual gathering of just children and teachers will be on Sunday, September 25th.

We will again have two classrooms grouped according to ability. MR. MIKE NICHOLS will teach the older children (roughly grade 2-grade 4) . MRS. SANDI LOWE will teach the younger children (age 4 to grade 1).

Children must be 4 years old by September 1st to attend Sunday school. Children younger than age 4 will have a Toddler Lesson in the nursery before play time begins.

The Sunday School Curriculum this year comes from The Sunday School Store. Go to their website for details regarding their core values and beliefs. They match the goals and core values of our Sunday School precisely.

The lessons will be unit based with Bible stories imbedded in every lesson. The Units are: Kids 4 Kindness, The Lord’s Prayer, Advent Means Coming, Be An Influencer, The Love of God, True J.O.Y., Holy Week and Easter, Challenge Accepted.

If you have questions about Sunday School at Samaritan’s Hill Church please contact Sandi Lowe - 763-360-2581 or