Joanne M. Harste, MA, Marriage & Family Therapist LMFT

Joanne is the wife of Pastor Harste and provides counseling at her office in Andover, Samaritans Hill in Albertville, and since COVID-19, teletherapy for those who prefer. To schedule an appointment, please contact her directly at 651-353-5453.  For more information see her website at: 

I am committed to empowering individuals, couples and families to take charge of their lives as a means of enhancing their relationships and improving the quality of their lives. Most individuals enter therapy when how they have been doing life is no longer working. I use a variety of therapeutic approaches in my work and incorporate into each client’s work those I believe will be most helpful to them and their situation. I most enjoy working with  people experiencing especially challenging situations who are  seeking more effective ways of coping with life stressors.

My approach in working with clients is very straightforward. I work together with clients to develop a plan which will help them to  maximize their strengths and identify and achieve their goals in life. I particularly enjoy empowering conflicted couples and couples blending families to solve problems more effectively.

I take great pride in my work and am pleased that my ongoing client base comes largely from past client referrals. Because the therapeutic relationship is essential to the work, I only charge for the first session if the client chooses to continue with me.